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We proudly represent Pecoglobal has became the reseller of Royalmax airbrush. The Royalmax airbrush is one of the best airbrush brand in China. The best selling airbrush brand in 2012 in mainland market and the best-constructed airbrush. The Royalmax airbrush clearly stands out among the other brands in China. 

Airbrush WD 120 Airbrush WD 134 Gravity or Siphon Feed Airbrush 130A
Our Price: $23.99
Our Price: $27.99
Our Price: $21.99
Veda_wd_120 Veda_wd_134e_airbrush Veda_wd_130a
Airbrush WD 116 Airbrush 130E Airbrush_WD_180
Our Price: $41.99
Our Price: $23.99
Our Price: $30.99
Veda_wd_116 Veda_wd_130e Veda_airbrush_wd_180
Our Price: $25.99
Our Price: $15.99
Our Price: $14.99
Air Regulator Filter Compressor  AW3000 Air Regulator Filter Compressor  HS-F2

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WD 134E Bulk Pack

Our Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $52.99
Save $22.01!
Veda Spray Gun Airbrush Air Brush 134 Gravity or Siphon Feed

The 134 is a a upgrade version of 130, and it is an extremely versatile airbrush that can be used as both a Gravity or Siphon Feed.
Dual action airbrushes separate the function for air and paint flow so that the user can control the volume of airflow and the concentration of paintflow through two independant mechanisms. This allows for greater control and a wider variety of artistic effects.

WD134 Airbrush


1. Dual-Action (Double-Action) Trigger Air/Fluid Control

2. External Mix (Thoroughly Atomized Fine Dot Spray Pattern)

3. 1 Screw on Gravity Side Feed Cup: 1/3 oz. (9 cc)

4. 1 Screw on Siphon Feed Bottle: 3/4 oz. (22 cc)

5. 0.3 mm Needle/Nozzle

6. 15-50 PSI Working Pressure

7. Spray Pattern: Hairline to 1-1/2" Wide

8. Nozzle Wrench 9. Moulded Plastic Storage Case

WD21 - 1.8M Air Hose

Product Description:


Length: 1.8M

Adaptor 1/8"-1/4"  

WD 12 Airbrush In-Line Mini Air Filter / Water Trap

Connects directly onto airbrushes with 1/8" threads

Perfect for protecting your airbrush and airbrush projects from getting moisture damage! Achieve a clean and dry air supply by using this new innovative pistol-grip type in-line moisture filter.

WD 401 Airbrush Quick Disconnect Coupler: with 1/8" male and female fittings

The quick-release action allows you to quickly change airbrushes when you use multiple airbrushes with a single air supply hose. Automatically shuts off air flow from the hose when disconnected. Screws onto most airbrushes and hoses with 1/8" size fittings, such as Devilbiss and Master Brand airbrushes.

WD 421 Cleaning Brush

The Diameter of each brush is 0.2 mm, 0.2.5mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm

0.2 Needle and Nozzle

Interchangeable needle and nozzle

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Royalmax 180 Premium Airbrush Kit
Our Price: $51.99

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