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AIRBRUSH MINI AIR FILTER-Moisture Water Trap-Hose-Hobby
AIRBRUSH MINI AIR FILTER-Moisture Water Trap-Hose-Hobby
Our Price: $10.99

Airbrush In-Line Mini Air Filter/Water Trap

Connects directly onto airbrushes with 1/8" threads

Perfect for protecting your airbrush and airbrush projects from getting moisture damage!

Achieve a clean and dry air supply by using this new innovative pistol-grip type in-line moisture filter.
MINI INLINE Water Trap AIR FILTER Paint Spray Gun Tool
MINI INLINE Water Trap AIR FILTER Paint Spray Gun Tool
Our Price: $10.99

Connects Directly to a Spray Gun to Filter out Dust, Oil and Water Condensation. Includes a Condensation Discharge Valve. Connects to Standard 1/4" Fitting Size
Spray Guns, Air Tools and Hoses.
Air Regulator Filter Compressor  HS-F2
Our Price: $14.99

In-line diaphragm pressure, moisture-free airflow air regulator filter that improve your airbrush performance.

Water trap filter with easy release drain valve to provide clean, dry air, minimising airflow pulsations.

Very easy to use simply pull the top button up, turn clockwise to increase pressure and counter-clockwise to reduce pressure.


1/8 output fitting and inlet fitting.
Max. Pressure 100PSI
Air Regulator Filter Compressor  AW3000
Our Price: $15.99

True Diaphragm Mini Regulator with Gauge and Water Trap Filter

Improve your Airbrushes Performance by using this Regulator for Accurate, Moisture-Free Airflow!

Features and Benefits:

True Diaphram Pressure Regulator with Gauge: Provides the user full control of operating air pressure

Precise Adjustment of Airflow: Regulated air up to 100 PSI

Water Trap Filter: Ensures clean, dry air and has an easy release drain valve

Reduces Air Pulsation: Minimizes airflow flucuations

Easy to Use: Pull the top button up; turn clockwise to increase the pressure; turn
counter-clockwise to release the pressure.

Fittings: Has 1/4" inlet and output openings, but includes 2 fittings to set up 1/8"

inlet and output.